HBP - EP75 - Talking to Erik Olson from Lord Dying and Technical Difficulties FROM HELL!!

July 7th, 2017

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Murphy’s Law came in like a tornado in this episode BUT I SAVED IT!! We interview Erik Olson and talk about his band Lord Dying and their limited engagement shows in Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, and San Diego! They also share a few tips for up and coming bands and we talk about their time out in Europe and their relationship with Red Fang. Then we get into some news!  Ex-CHILDREN OF BODOM Guitarist ROOPE LATVALA Says He Was 'Stabbed In The Back' By His Former Bandmates, ANVIL To Begin Recording 'Pounding The Pavement' Album In August, EXODUS To Be Rejoined By Singer ROB DUKES At San Francisco Concert, and NILE Taps Producer ERIK RUTAN For Next Album!! plus Jay finally saw RAMMSTEIN!!!!

Lord Dying's upcoming tour dates!

Date Venue Location   Tickets    
Jul 07 The Tiki Bar Costa Mesa, CA Tickets RSVP
Jul 08 The Merrow San Diego, CA Tickets RSVP
Jul 09 Bootleg Theater Los Angeles, CA Tickets RSVP

Due to the Technical Difficulties we are playing you MORE METAL!!!


Music by

Lord Dying - The Clearing At The End of The Path

Lord Dying - Open Sore

IRONAUT - World of Shit

IRONAUT - When The Sun Is Gone

Eukaryst - Lost Tribe

Yidhra - Conquest for Nova

Yidhra - Blood is the Harvest