HBP - EP38 - Pool of Death

February 24th, 2016

Jay & Alex sit down and have a nice cold beer after a long time without. They shoot the shit about work life and hooking up video games into a theatre. Deadpool beats The Force Awakens. The Punisher in daredevil? Fuck yeah!

Music by A Tragedy at hand : The Last Chapter
Outro: Ride by Alex & Lawerence.

HBP - EP37 - We went live on facebook!

February 10th, 2016

We tried something new half way through this episode. We live streamed on facebook and it was pretty fun. Also half of the metal world is coming down on Phil Anselmo and promoters are cancelling all Down shows in europe. Dave Mirra has died and why Alex would be a horrible President.

Music by:
Fueld By Fire: Suffering Entities 
A Tragedy at Hand: Just Another Sadistic